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Executive Council
Class Rep. Council
March 5, 2021
  • 6:00 pm7:00 pm

    EPSU Chess. Online Rapid Arena.

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March 6, 2021
  • 4:15 pm6:15 pm

    Splash and Dash Event by EPSU Outdoor Community

    Poznań Center of Sports and Recreation, Jana Spychalskiego 34, 61-553 Poznań, Poland

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March 7, 2021
March 8, 2021

This week’s EPSU Instagram takeover will be run by Chanika Assavarittirong (Nina), 2/4MD. She was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭🎉

Nina graduated with a B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a B.A. in Education Sciences from UC Irvine 🇺🇸💛💙

Currently, Nina is in year 2 of the 4MD program. She is the co-founder of the @epsurarediseases club. She is also very fond of scientific research and is actively writing and attending research conferences 🙌🏻

She’s looking forward to sharing her experiences of studying at PUMS. If you have any questions about the program, the school, research, or anything that comes up please don’t hesitate to ask! 👌🏻

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This week's EPSU #takeover is by Nikita Kumar. She’s a high-spirited Indian girl , raised in Dubai currently in the 3/6MD program 💕

She was a delegate of MSA (now IFMSA) in 2018/2019. She’s been an IFMSA core committee member where she is the local representative of the standing committee of reproductive rights, HIV & AIDS for the past two academic years. She’s a passionate dancer and has also organized dance workshops in Poznań last year💃🏽
This week she’s here to share her journey with you as a student, living in the dorms, and do stay tuned for some stunning glimpses of Dubai🤩

Don’t hesitate to ask her any questions you may have regarding as a student, tips for 1st/2nd year, or any concerns if you are looking forward to applying to PUMS🥳

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2 weeks ago

English Programs' Student Union - EPSU

Congratulations to Aleemah Ayyaz on receiving the EPSU Monthly Award for January!

Aleemah Ayyaz received the award for her dedicated work for the student body!

Aleemah is a responsible individual and an excellent team player, who is passionate about helping students get involved in research and advancing their career as future doctors. In a role of Chief Communications Officer at ESRA, Aleemah has contributed greatly to research promotion among students on social media by creating and actively running the ESRA Instagram and Facebook page (@esra.pums ), managing the ESRA facebook group and regularly informing students about upcoming ESRA events through these platforms. During the Research Fair event, Aleemah has helped in preparing the presentation, presenting, as well as managing tabling sessions for research presidents. In the near future, Aleemah will be running regular @esra.pums Student Success posts and will be informing students about ways to get involved in research and outside.

In addition, Aleemah plays a role of 2/6 MD class delegate PUMS Pediatric society by informing her classmates about the latest updates from the society.

Thank you!

#pums #epsumonthlyaward
The EPSU Monthly Award is awarded to students of Poznan University of Medical Sciences to recognize and shed light on students who have gone above and beyond in extracurricular activities or academics.

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This week, the EPSU takeover is being run by Alexandra (Ola) Zmuda. She is 24 (as of yesterday! ❤️🥳) and grew up in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. She lived her undergraduate years in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, completing her bachelors degree in Cell and Molecular at UNLV🧪🧬

She is currently in the 1/4 Advanced MD program here at PUMS and an RA at the Karolek dormitory.

She has performed plenty of research, including research with the San Diego Zoo 🐯

She enjoys exploring nature, hiking, photography, and videography 📸

Ask her any questions you have about being a first year at PUMS!


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Follow ACCS, you progress into ST3. At this stage, you complete 6 months in pediatric emergency medicine and 6 months general medicine.

By the end of ST3, all three exams must be completed. FRCEM primary and FRCEM intermediate (two parts). You also have up to the point to complete all required lifesaving courses- ALS, ATLS, and EPLS.

The ST4 year is the beginning of higher speciality trading (st4-st6). These are the last 36 months of training which prepares you to be a specialist. As of august 2021, only two more exams are to be completed (that’s 5 exams if you are counting). Here, trainees continue to master the competencies, are usually “second in command”, and from 12 am- 8am, you are the most senior ED doctor on the shop floor. At the point, trainees have to satisfy some managerial competencies as well.

At the end of all this, the CCT (completion certificate of training) is finally achieved. Now you are a consultant/specialist 🙂
#cct #rcem #emergencymedicine #boss

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